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Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl We decided to re-create the Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl experience at home and the experience was really good, as good as Chipotle. It is layers of cilantro-lime rice, black beans, fajitha vegetables, guacamole, corn salsa, mild tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream served in a bowl. This recipe is totally customizable recipe, add and subtract as you like and according to the ingredients that is in season. The recipe is also very easy to scale up for...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment March 16, 2015

Mild Salsa – Chipotle Recipe

Mild Salsa - Chipotle Recipe Mild Salsa, diced tomatoes with sweet red onions, jalapeno, cilantro, fresh lemon and lime juice. Freshness and flavors of the ingredients makes this a refreshing dip for chips. At Chipotle’s, four types of salsa is served. One is the Corn salsa and the other three are tomato and tomatillo based salsa:  mild, medium and hot. The medium and hot salsa are puree consistency, the mild salsa is more like a pico de gallo, uncooked salsa with chopped...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment March 10, 2015

Guacamole – Chipotle Recipe

Guacamole - Chipotle Recipe Chipotle Recipe: Guacamole, well ripe Hass variety avocados, mashed with chopped sweet red onions, jalapeno, cilantro, fresh lemon and lime juice. Guacamole recipe is very easy to put together and always served fresh because of their tendency to change in color to unpleasant brown due to oxidation. There are so many delicious ways you can create your own best guacamole recipe, I already have a guacamole recipe in my website with more...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Guacamole – Chipotle Recipe March 09, 2015

Cilantro Rice – Chipotle Recipe

Cilantro Rice - Chipotle Recipe Cilantro Lime Rice, this rice preparation falls under the category of  “the simplest things that are the best”. It’s perfectly cooked rice tossed with freshly chopped cilantro/coriander leaves, lime – lemon juice and seasoned with right amount of salt. If you are a fan of Chipotle restaurant, check out their Corn Salsa recipe. More Chipotle recipes on their way. Serves:...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment March 04, 2015

Corn Salsa – Chipotle Recipe

Corn Salsa - Chipotle Recipe Sweet white and yellow corn with roasted poblano Peppers, sweet red onions, jalapeño, cilantro, and fresh lemon and lime. Its Impressive, simple, cheap, and the perfect thing to make or bring to a Potluck | party. It’s just as easy to make a double (or triple) batch and it’s equally delicious served warm, cold, or at room temp. This can be served cold, which is kinda perfect for summers but also a delicious and soothing salad when served...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 2 Comments February 23, 2015

Mint/pudina Pulao with vegetables

Mint/pudina Pulao with vegetables Pudina | Mint Pulao is a rice dish packed with flavors of mint and coriander with a subtle hint of whole spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. The addition of vegetables like carrots, beans, potato, cauliflower and capsicum/bell peppers makes this a wholesome meal with a simple raita or chips. Biriyani or any rice dish with over powering spice or masala is not a kind of food Amma makes at home (then and now) but has her own signature rice dishes...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Mint/pudina Pulao with vegetables February 17, 2015

Restaurant Style Salsa

Restaurant Style Salsa Restaurant Style Salsa is the pureed-thin consistency salsa they serve in restaurants with chips, the one everyone hogs before the food is served. The home-style salsa is more like Pico de gallo that is made with fresh ingredients. But for this recipe, canned tomatoes and chilies give that restaurant style flavor and color. The salsa that is sold in jars have lot of vinegar for preserving them for long time and we detest the vinegar flavor in salsa, if...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Restaurant Style Salsa June 20, 2014


Pico-de-gallo Pico-de-gallo (pronounced as Pico-de-gayo), A mexican salad/salsa filled with freshness and flavors of onions, tomatoes, jalapeño peppers, cilantro and lime combined that can be ready in 5 minutes!  Freshly made Pico-de-gallo, Guacamole, corn chips with Margarita/Virgin-Margarita is often a must when we grill outside. Pico is not just a dip with tortilla chips, can also be used as a mix-in to kick up your guacamole, a topping for tacos, a layer in...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment January 23, 2014

Black beans-Corn salad

Black beans-Corn salad Black bean-Corn Salad: I am totally in love with this salad! Its colorful, flavorful and so refreshing. This healthy salad is ready in few minutes so its just-that-apt dish with tortilla scoops to feed a big group of hungry people. (Dang! I forgot to take a pic of this delicious salad in those tiny tortilla scoops, they are so appealing that its hard to resist after a few. I am sure I am going to make this pretty often, will upload the pic soon!) Fresh...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Black beans-Corn salad June 17, 2013

Gobi Paratha

Gobi Paratha Gobi Paratha, Mildly spiced Cauliflower and cilantro stuffed paratha, a type of Indian bread. Is there any one who doesn’t love stuffed paratha? I doubt! There’s something so nostalgic about the stuffed paratha, that I instantly miss India, Amma and envy Delhi-wale for having a street full of restaurants selling tons of variety of parathas. Even at my place, so many varieties of paratha are made, hoping to write more posts with other stuffing...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 2 Comments April 17, 2013

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