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Ghee|Clarified butter

Ghee|Clarified butter Homemade ghee has a deep flavor and richness. It is an integral part when comes to making Indian sweets. Its high smoking point makes it better for tempering curries and gravies. Ghee is also used for dabbing on Rotis and drizzling over rice with lentils, Pulao and Biriyani for its exquisite deep flavor. A dollop of ghee transforms simple Rasam or dhal into an elixir.   Ghee is widely...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment February 19, 2015

Mint/pudina Pulao with vegetables

Mint/pudina Pulao with vegetables Pudina | Mint Pulao is a rice dish packed with flavors of mint and coriander with a subtle hint of whole spices like cinnamon, cardamom and cloves. The addition of vegetables like carrots, beans, potato, cauliflower and capsicum/bell peppers makes this a wholesome meal with a simple raita or chips. Biriyani or any rice dish with over powering spice or masala is not a kind of food Amma makes at home (then and now) but has her own signature rice dishes...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Mint/pudina Pulao with vegetables February 17, 2015

Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache Chocolate Ganache is a french word for chocolate glaze or sauce. The primary ingredients are good quality chocolate and fresh heavy cream, as they are the  two main ingredients, do not compromise on quality. Ganache is made by heating cream and then pouring it on top of chopped chocolate. It can be poured over cakes, drizzled over cheesecakes, brownies and ice cream or whipped to be used as a filling or icing for cakes and cupcakes. Also great for...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 2 Comments February 12, 2015

Cream of Pumpkin soup

Cream of Pumpkin soup Cream of Pumpkin Soup I use yellow pumpkin to make Erisserri, Pumpkin bread or this soup. The Soup has become so wished for that I hardly make the other two recipes these days. It’s a creamy filling soup that tastes delicious the next day too. We make a big batch of the soup so we can enjoy it for two continuous days.   Ingredients you’ll need: 1 tbsp Olive oil 3 or 4 cloves of...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Cream of Pumpkin soup February 09, 2015

Ragda Pattis

Ragda Pattis Ragda Patties, potato tikki dunked in a simple dry-peas curry and topped with chopped onion, tomatoes, cilantro with a sprinkle of sev and drizzle of lime juice. This a popular fast food from streets of Mumbai and delicious for anytime of the day.   Serves: 4 Soaking time for ragda: Overnight in cold water/4 hours in hot water. Preparation time: 45 mins Recipe: Amma Ingredients...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment January 09, 2015

Goat Cheese spread

Goat Cheese spread Goat cheese spread is creamy rich spread packed with flavors of olives, sun-dried tomatoes and herbs like rosemary and basil. The ingredients are colorful and impressive, they combine well along with cheese to give a Mediterranean hint to the spread, this dish is no authentic Mediterranean cuisine but a sure hit for parties and potlucks. The spread is best when marinated for 6 hours before serving so also falls under the category of “great make...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Goat Cheese spread January 06, 2015

Patani|Peas Sundal

Patani|Peas Sundal Sundal, any kind of them, shouldn’t be restricted to Navarathri (Navarathri is a festival, celebrated all over India for 9 nights during the month of Sept-oct and varieties of this dish are made during the nine days). Something as nutritious and simple like this that focus on minimum chopping and cooking is a great snack as well as unexpected filler you would imagine for side dish for any kind of sambhar/rasam and rice on those “no...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Patani|Peas Sundal January 05, 2015

Kadala Curry

Kadala Curry Kadala Curry is a side dish for Puttu, a traditional Kerala breakfast. The curry goes well with many dishes like Idiyappam, Appam, Chappati, Parotta and Dosai too. Idiyappam and appam are generally served with sweetened coconut milk or Stew and this curry is a good option as spicier side dish.   Ingredient you’ll need: 1.5 cups Black chickpeas, immerse in hot water in hot pack (this...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Kadala Curry December 30, 2014

Dhaba style Dal

Dhaba style Dal Dal is a curry made of lentils to go with rice and is a staple in every corner of India, though made differently from region to region. Dhaba are restaurants that are usually situated on highways, they majorly cater heavily spiced Punjabi food and are very popular for their style of cooking. Many restaurants have adopted this style of cooking and gradually turning into a cuisine of its own kind, this dal is one such recipe. This absolutely delicious...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 2 Comments November 24, 2014

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread Zucchini bread, a quick and moist bread packed with all the goodness of Zucchini, nutty flavor of walnuts/pecans and aroma of warm cinnamon. The bread is more like a breakfast than dessert, the flavors soak in as it sits for a while and the recipe is so simple that it is easy to bake the previous night and great with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate next morning.   It was hard time...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Zucchini Bread November 13, 2014

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