Idiyappam is a traditional Tamilnadu, Kerala and Srilankan breakfast or dinner served with sweetened coconut milk, veg stew or kadala (chickpea) curry. At our place, it's usually for dinner or for brunch on weekends. Like Idli, this too has the healthiest way of cooking, steaming! The best part … Continue reading

Cauliflower | Gobi Manchurian

We, not just sathya and I but the whole family.. his, mine, ours.. are huge Indo Chinese cuisine lovers! Manchurian, fried rice, noodles, spring rolls, sweet corn soup, chilli paneer.. name it.. we love it. There is not much Indo-Chinese restaurants near we stay but have one of the best place … Continue reading

Black Bean Burger

A Vegetarian burger patty with no Potato is the high light of this recipe. Also a reason for making it quite often at our place! This Black bean Burger - One could seriously eat this burger every single day. It’s that perfect, easy and filled with loads of vegetables, oats, beans and … Continue reading


"Chole, Roti and jeera rice or pulao" is a typical food that I love to make when We have more than 5 guests, of course not all the time! A perfect dish to please the crowd and easy to make in large quantity. Also, this being one of our favorite food, I love to do it quite often and am a bit … Continue reading

Cream of Mushroom

The weather is all gloomy and dull here in Atlanta today, not a day for taking food pictures but an apt day for a bowl of soup. Promise to upload a better pic of soup sometime soon, Now that I know this soup is going to be made quite often, it's a light soup (when served in small quantity) and … Continue reading