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Onam Sadya Recipes

Happy Onam Readers.

September 7,2014 is Onam, Festival of Kerala and since two weeks we have planned on what to cook and how to take pictures to do a Onam Sadya. The inspiration was after our trip to God’s own country, Kerala, last November. We did stay and travel in the boat house from Alappuzha (Alleppey) to Kumarakom, where we had a personal cook who made tons of authentic food and we instantly fell in love with the coconut oil infused cooking.



On plate: Ripe Banana, rice with parippu curry and ghee, Vendakai|okra pachidi, Avial, Cabbage Thoran, Erisseri, Olan, Pulisseri and Paalada Pradhaman

Outside plate: Pappadam, Manga curry & Inji curry, Parippu curry, payasam, Theeyal and Matta rice


I wish to dedicate this post to one of my best friend and a special person, who is no more with us but always in our hearts, Sharma thatha (our grandfather), who loved Kerala food and would have loved this meal.

This is Our first attempt with so many Kerala special delicacies. There has been a lot of effort behind this particular post. The below paragraph is full of credits and thanks. Feel free to skip and jump to the recipe part.

Thanks: To Gayathri for the insights, sharing her onam experiences, recipe of erisseri and suggestions for other recipes. To Nags of Edible Garden for the recipes of Puli Inji and Avial and tempting pics. To Krishnan for his Mother’s Olan recipe (Nirmala Aunty, is also a great cook). To Kannan mama for sending me packs of ada (of paalada Pradhaman) and sharing his recipe. To Amma and appa (Sathya’s) for doing the tasting part and patiently waiting for the pics to be taken before lunch (that was the toughest part for us too!). To Amma and appa (Sneha’s) who have been enthusiastically sharing and promoting our food pics in Facebook and encouraging us. To Hari, for pinpointing the grammatical errors and suggestions (good job, want a part time job? No pay but I can feed!) and finally You guys who have been following the posts and keeping the website alive.

Our website is under construction, so pls click on the title of the recipe to get the recipe with step by step pictures.


Nendrankai Chips


Manga curry


Inji Curry


Vendakai|Okra Pachidi


Parippu curry




Cabbage Thoran










Paalada Pradhaman



Happy Onam

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