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Olan with Yellow Squash

Special Thanks to Krishnan, one of our great friend, who introduced us to this dish and gave us the recipe.

Olan is an essential dish in the traditional Kerala Onam Sadya. We love Olan with theeyal and rice. As olan by itself is mild, it goes well with something spicy/tangy.

Authentically Olan is made with white pumpkin and black eyed peas or cow peas, but using yellow squash is a variation. Check out for the other Olan recipe with white pumpkin.


2 Yellow Squash, cubed
1/2 cup black-eyed beans
3 green chilies, slit
1 cup of thick coconut milk
A few Curry Leaves
1 tbsp Rice flour, if the curry becomes too thin
2 tsp coconut oil
Salt to taste


Soaking the beans in hot water helps in cooking faster. Pressure cook the beans with 3/4 cup of water, about 4 whistles or let it boil in heavy bottom pan till soft.

Add the cubed squash, slit green chilies, 1/2 tsp salt and 1/2 to 1 cup water to the cooked beans. Cook on a medium flame until soft. (This would probably take about 10-12 mins)

Add coconut milk and curry leaves to the cooked squash. Cook for another 5-8 mins.

If  the curry is too thick, add 1/4 – 1/2 cup of water or thin coconut milk. If the curry is too thin, add 1 tbsp rice flour mixed with the coconut milk that is simmering and mix well.

Drizzle coconut oil, check for salt, add more curry leaves if you like and remove from fire. Serve with hot steaming rice and some pappadam or Nendrankai chips

Happy Cooking

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