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Mixed fruit Popsicle

Who will not love these? There can be no better and easy summer treat like Homemade Popsicle. They can be made with any fresh fruits of your choice. The best part is, unlike store-bought Popsicle, there is no artificial flavor or high fructose corn syrup.

I had filled my refrigerator with fresh organic berries and fruits and after bowls of fruit salad and fresh juice, I was wondering what to do with the rest of fruits and berries. I decided to freeze them, which I often do when I have excess fruits. Then remembered, had bought a Popsicle mold a year back. A picture of The Whole life Nutrition Kitchen’s Watermelon whole fruit Popsicle inspired me to do these Popsicle.


Idea: The Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen

You will need:

A Popsicle Mold and use any fruits of your choice like cantaloupe or honey-dew melon instead of watermelon! I made with fruits I had at home.

2 cups fresh watermelon
1/2 cup Papaya
1/4 cup blueberry
1 Kiwi
Sugar – Optional/To taste


Puree the watermelon and papaya in a blender.

Roughly crush blueberry and slice kiwi. Fill 1/3 of mold with crushed blueberry and place a slice of kiwi. Freeze for 30 minutes then fill the mold with watermelon-papaya purée. You may also purée or chop other fruits like cherries, strawberries, peaches or mangoes.

Place the Popsicle stick and freeze for 7-8 hours.

Before serving, run the Popsicle molds under warm water for a 5 seconds and then pull the Popsicle out.

Beat the summer with homemade Popsicle!

Made a few with just Watermelon-Kiwi, check pic below.

You can make unlimited varieties of Popsicle with your favorite fruit combinations. Would love to hear your versions too!


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