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Malai Vegetable kofta

Malai Kofta with kofta made of mixed vegetables and paneer. A dish I don’t make that often but A must to have along with butter naan in restaurants. I have tried a few variety of koftas and gravy ranging between 5-6 colors. I like to keep the gravy of this particular dish white as my other kofta-gravy are yellow and peachy in color. Initially that is how I differentiated the gravy (on color basis) to remember and now it as become more like a category.

Being a kofta lover, I have a few other recipes for making kofta. The other kofta preparation recipes: Raw banana-Potato kofta and Lauki/bottle gourd kofta. Also you can make your paneer at home or buy from store. If you would like to make paneer at home, Click here for the recipe!



Ingredients you will need:


For Kofta:

1 medium Potato
5-6 florets Cauliflower
1 Carrot
1/4 cup Peas
1/2 cup of grated Zucchini
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
Chilli powder – to taste
1 tsp Coriander powder
1/2 cup Paneer
2 tsp Corn flour
Salt  – to taste
Oil for deep-frying

For gravy:
1 large Onion
1 large Tomato
2 Green chillies
2 tbsp Butter
1 tbsp Ginger-garlic paste
10-12 Cashew
1 tsp Poppy Seeds
5 small Cardamom pods
1/4 tsp Roasted Cumin powder
1/2 tbsp Coriander powder
1 tbsp Kasoori methi
1/2 tsp Garam masala
1/2 tsp Sugar
Salt & Pepper – to taste

Kofta Preparation:



Roughly chop potato-cauliflower-carrot into big chunks and along with peas steam till tender but not mushy.

Grate Zucchini in the mean time.

Add grated zucchini to the other vegetables that is steamed and mashed roughly. Add the spices powder: Turmeric powder, Chilli powder, Coriander powder and salt. Mix well and Gently knead.

Add grated paneer and combine well. If the mixture is slightly wet, add cornflour. Cornflour acts as a binding agent as well give a firm coat to the kofta while frying them.

I would suggest to fry a small portion before frying the koftas. This recipe makes perfect kofta but it is always better to fry a small portion to know whether the kofta is breaking in the oil. After it clears the test, fry the rest.

Make a golf size ball of mixture and fry till golden brown in color.

Set aside.

For Gravy:



Blanch the Onions chopped in big chunks and whole tomato till the tomato skin starts to peel off. Remove from fire and transfer the onions and tomato to a blender/mixie jar after removing the skin of tomato completely. Do not discard the water. Set aside and grind onions-tomatoes is cooled with green chillies.

In the same hot water, add cashews-poppy seeds-cardamom pods and let them soak for 10 minutes.

Over medium high heat, in a pan add 2 tbsp butter. Add the ginger-garlic paste and once the raw flavor of ginger-garlic is gone, add ground onion-tomato purée. Sprinkle roasted cumin-coriander powder, kasoori methi, salt and crushed pepper to the gravy and cook for about 6 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Grind Cashew-poppy-cardamom with very little water to a smooth paste. Add the cashew paste, garam masala and sugar.

Lower the heat to a simmer and add fresh cream and cook for 5-7 more minutes.

Taste and adjust salt. Finally add finely chopped fresh cilantro/coriander leaves.

In a serving dish, place all the koftas and drizzle the gravy on top and serve with any Indian bread.



The other kofta preparation if you missed to check: Raw banana-Potato kofta and Lauki/bottle gourd kofta

Happy Cooking

One Response to Malai Vegetable kofta

  1. Lovely dish. I landed up here while I was searching for a white looking kofta gravy in d midst of all the tangy tomato based ones. Despite adding a tomato, I found this very creamy n yummy.. Thank u so much :))
    Between u didn’t mention how much cream u added

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