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Maggi Noodles soup

This is students and “No mood to cook tonight” special.

This recipe is made with Maggi noodles and the taste-maker that comes along! Strictly not for those who see Maggi products as agent that will be sufficient to cause death. Yeah it is true that the little sachet of spice has MSG or commonly known as Aji-no-motto in India, that is exaggerated as if its pot/cyanide! Its bad on regular consumption like every day-every week! But we don’t have Maggi noodles that often so I don’t bother much because I know we have not-so-healthy food in restaurants either when we don’t have options or when our tongue doesn’t listen to the brain after the eyes see Sizzlers or Manchurian so what the heck making Maggi once in two months!


Maggi noodles is always in my pantry as a make of last resort. As I said before, we don’t make Maggi that often but when I do its made like any another dish packed with vegetables.

Serves 2

Ingredients you will need:

2 cakes of noodles
2 sachet of spice packet/taste maker/Masala
1 tsp oil
2 or 3 tbsp roughly chopped onion
1 tsp finely chopped garlic- optional (If you like garlic, Must!)
1/4 cup finely chopped carrot & french beans
1 tbsp corn kernels – fresh/frozen – Optional
1 tsp Soy sauce
4 cups of Boiling water
1 tsp corn flour
Salt and Pepper – to taste
Chopped Green onions – For Garnishing


A soup that requires least time and simplest ingredients.

In a saucepan, add 1 tsp of oil and saute onion, garlic- chopped carrots and beans with salt and pepper till onions turn transparent. Do not fry or over cook onions, carrots and beans.

Add the taste-maker and soy sauce.

Pour in the hot water, break the noodles cake into two and add to the boiling water. Add corn kernels at this time.

As the noodles begin to boil, ladle out a couple of tbsp stock and mix the corn flour to it. Mix till the cornflour is dissolved completely without any lumps. Add it back to the mixture that is boiling. This gives a thickness to the soup.

As the noodles turn tender, adjust salt and pepper if necessary. The soup is ready. Let the noodles not become mushy.

Serve hot noodle soup garnished with chopped green onions (kind of must).

Isn’t it very student friendly and a change from the regular Maggi.

Skip if you want, there is nothing about the recipe in this paragraph: I have about 10 or more incidents attached to my mind with making maggi like making it during camping, first noodles that I ever tried (made a version without the taste-maker), Sathya making  it as a meal for me on those “no mood to cook” days and setting the table like some gourmet meal was about to be served but so far the best was we and our gang of friends had been on a trip to Key west, booked a big bungalow (which we didn’t know till we were there!) and Maggi was for dinner with everyone helping in kitchen and chatting after snorkeling and a game of football on the beach, .. was so much fun! I have attached a pic from the trip,all of us having Maggi for dinner :)

2 Responses to Maggi Noodles soup

  1. Hi. I met you both at Walmart a few months ago..I asked how you cooked your vegetables and you gave me your website.i have dark hair do you remember?my husband and I really need to start eating vegetables. I think you we’re buying a cauliflower and of course other vegetables.i really need help.I live in half moon. Where do you live?i would love to see you you remember I suggested the library to show your cooking.i used to be a librarian in you remember me.please answer me if you can. Thank you,sandy

    • Hi Sandy! Ofcourse we remember you, sorry for replying this late. We are on vacation till the end of the month. I would love to help you and pass on what I know. Sure, we can work on some plan so that you can see me cook. My email is, I check my mails everyday, that would be easier to reply immedietely.

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