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Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl

Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl We decided to re-create the Chipotle Veggie Burrito Bowl experience at home and the experience was really good, as good as Chipotle. It is layers of cilantro-lime rice, black beans, fajitha vegetables, guacamole, corn salsa, mild tomato salsa, cheese and sour cream served in a bowl. This recipe is totally customizable recipe, add and subtract as you like and according to the ingredients that is in season. The recipe is also very easy to scale up for...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment March 16, 2015

Gold coins in Hot & Spicy Sauce

Gold coins in Hot & Spicy Sauce Gold coins in Hot & spicy Sauce is nothing but deep-fried goodness in a creamy sauce. They are fantastic appetizers too when the veg coins are tossed/coated in the same gravy that is thick and sprinkled with sesame & chilli flakes! The sauce is hot & spicy sauce, balanced with honey and have a peppery taste from red and green bell peppers. Garlic and ginger is of course lingering taste but not over powering.     Recipe: I was inspired...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 5 Comments September 04, 2013

Spinach-Ricotta Lasagna

Spinach-Ricotta Lasagna Spinach-Ricotta Lasagna: This vegetarian lasagna is a warm, filling, perfect family meal and an apt potluck dish for get-together & gathering on holidays. This dish is layers of goodness of Fresh Spinach, Ricotta-Mozzarella-Parmesan Cheese and a few extra veggies like zucchini and cherry tomato. I assure your meat-eating friends too will enjoy. This lasagna can also be arranged way before time and baked just before serving so you can concentrate on...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya Comments Off on Spinach-Ricotta Lasagna July 02, 2013

Vangi bath | Eggplant/Brinjal Rice

Vangi bath | Eggplant/Brinjal Rice Vangi Bath | Eggplant/Brinjal Rice | Karthirikai sadam is cooked rice mixed with a semi dry curry made of eggplant|brinjal and spices. The Vangi Bath Masala is prepared in many versions. Though it is a part of Karnataka’s cuisine, a spicier variation is made in Andhra and in Tamilnadu, it is made with few less ingredients. What ever version it is, there is no match for freshly home-made Vangi bath Masala. It is full of flavors and aromatic. I have...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 2 Comments May 20, 2013


Idiyappam Idiyappam is a traditional Tamilnadu, Kerala and Srilankan breakfast or dinner served with sweetened coconut milk, veg stew or kadala (chickpea) curry. At our place, it’s usually for dinner or for brunch on weekends. Like Idli, this too has the healthiest way of cooking, steaming! The best part about Idiyappam other than few ingredients, simple procedure is we feel so light even after that few extra servings. Here is an Updated picture, made it...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment May 13, 2013

Black Bean Burger

Black Bean Burger A Vegetarian burger patty with no Potato is the high light of this recipe. Also a reason for making it quite often at our place! This Black bean Burger – One could seriously eat this burger every single day. It’s that perfect, easy and filled with loads of vegetables, oats, beans and everything nice.   Spice it up with Pickled jalapeño and balance with Salsa, Guacamole and sour...
Cooked and Clicked by SnehaSathya 1 Comment May 06, 2013

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