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Bell pepper/Capsicum Pulao

Bell Pepper/Capsicum Pulao, The colors are absolutely beautiful and the flavors explode in your mouth. With only a few ingredients, you can make this Pulao that is sure to impress everyone when you serve this. Plus, it’s light and perfect to serve during the summer months.

I love Bell pepper/Capsicum and its unique flavor. The fresh Mint and Cilantro/Coriander adds a refreshing flavor. The Cashews and raisins sautéed in butter/Ghee gives a rich flavor. This Pulao which is so very simple to prepare makes it a perfect weekday dinner that you’d prefer to make on a busy day!

I often make pulao as they are one-pot meal and a simple raita or chips/papad makes it a complete meal. This Capsicum/Bell pepper Pulao doesn’t have any-other vegetables in it so a mixed vegetable Raita or a side dish like Chole or Palak Paneer works best.



Ingredients you will need:

1 cup Basmati Rice
2 cups water
Oil – 1 tbsp + 1 tsp
1/2 cup Onion – Chopped length wise
1 cup Bell pepper/Capsicum – Seeded and cut in length wise. I used Yellow, orange, green and Red
5-6 leaves Mint, finely chopped
1 tbsp chopped Cilantro/Coriander leaves
3 Spring onions/Scallions
1 tbsp Ghee/butter
Cashew & Raisins
Salt & Pepper

Whole Spice/Masala
1/2 tsp jeera/cumin
2 Cardamom pods
4 Clove
2 (1″) Cinnamon
2 small Bay leaves


Unlike other pulao, the rice and vegetable is cooked separately in this recipe because capsicum/Bell pepper cooked along with rice the same time will make the vegetable mushy. The vegetables need to retain their crunchy texture. But if using rice cooker for making this recipe, add sautéed bell pepper, nuts to the cooker after the rice is 90% done.

Add 1 tsp of oil to rice and cook the rice with 2 cups of water in pressure cooker for two whistles or in a pan till the rice is tender but not mushy. Once the rice is cooked, spread it in a plate or wide dish and set it aside till it cools completely.

In a wide pan, On medium heat,  heat the oil. Add the spices and as the turn dark brown, add onions. Give a quick stir and add the bell pepper/capsicum. Let the onions not brown. Sprinkle salt and crushed pepper.

Add Bell pepper, the bell-pepper/capsicum should be cooked but at the same time not become very soft.

Turn the heat to low. Sprinkle finely chopped mint and coriander leaves. Add cooked rice and mix gently till rice and peppers are well combined. Check for salt. Add more salt-pepper if needed.

In a small pan, add butter/ghee and fry cashews-raisins till golden brown. Add to the rice.

Gently mix everything well and garnish with green onions/scallions.

Serve this mildly spiced pulao with Chole, Rajma or Palak Paneer

Happy cooking

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